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If you’ve drifted down the ‘wrong’ path for long enough, you’ll know that feeling of having lost who you are.  Making decisions can feel really hard as you don’t know what you want and you can no longer hear your gut instinct.  You start doubting your abilities and your confidence begins to ebb away.  Life starts to feel mundane and you lack the energy to do things.

helping individuals reconnect to the essence of who they are

“Your essence is the authentic core you were born with. No matter what has happened in your life, it is always there, waiting to be reconnected with.”

When you come back to your essence you’ll find your creativity reappears.  That sense of aliveness comes back to your body and mind.  You’ll trust your intuition and feel confident about who you are and what you can offer.  You’ll naturally start making changes that are more suited to your true self.  Feel grounded, balanced and whole in yourself.    

Would you like…

  • to feel more in flow? less stuck?
  • to be more in control of your life?
  • to hear / develop / trust in your intuition? make ‘good’ choices?
  • to heal aspects of your past? stop the negative thoughts?
  • to find your path? stop living other peoples expectations?
  • to experience meaning & purpose
  • to feel more alive, energised? less tired, less hopeless?
  • to speak from your heart?

How can I help?

My overarching aim is to help your connect with your inner self’s wisdom & have the self belief and confidence to follow it.  To come home to who you are. To feel whole.

My style is multi-disciplined & holistic, inherently intuitive and tailored to your needs rather than a set approach.  I sit somewhere between coach, mentor, therapist, guide & draw on a multitude of techniques for mind, body & spirit integration.

I’m a self-admitted learning addict & love exploring new ideas / techniques / modalities.  This creates lots of variety for you and means your experience of working with me grows & evolves as I do.

I’m told that I have a gentle aura, offer a loving non-judgemental space, am wise & insightful.



Re-Alignment Sessions (Skype 1:1’s)

“I’d love to be my authentic self… I just don’t how to find it.”  Feel familiar?

  • Are you looking for answers?
  • Do you want a solution that is in alignment with your souls truth?
  • Are you ready to hear your own truth, and move away from what convention & society would have you do?
  • Do you feel you’ve strayed off your path and need to reconnect to your truth?

Bringing you back into alignment through a combination of coaching, healing, hypnotherapy, body wisdom, intuitive guidance, movement & dance.

My work helps you by reconnecting you to your core & helping you hear what your inner wisdom and intuition is wanting you to know… getting you clear on the decisions, actions and way forwards that’s right for you.

These are little power sessions…  There are times when you need to tune into something specific and want a held space to help you realign to your energy & so you can hear your highest truth, find answers hidden within and step back onto your path.

Throughout the session I’ll be tuning into you & and allow a free flowing response to come through… typically there is intuitive guidance, insights, metaphors…healing, advice, insight and beauty…

By the end of the session will leave with suggested focus point(s), plus exercises and ideas for you to explore such as body & energy practices, meditations, journaling prompts & creative projects to support the discoveries from the session and to help you going forwards.

Re-Alignment Session Cost & Booking:

£80 – 70 min skype session
£200 – 3 x 70min skype sessions 

The ‘schedule appointment’ button below usually shows my availability for the next 2 months.

PLEASE NOTE If nothing is showing in the schedule appointments it’s because I’ve not updated it 😉 so please get in touch via email (I’m slowly returning from maternity leave & moving house so am not as admin organised as usual 🙂

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Writing with Soul & Spirit

Writing is an incredibly powerful way of accessing your doubts, truth and soul.

Do you find you’re able to share more truthfully when you write?  Do you feel more able to share things in writing that you may feel inhibited to say in person?  Do you tend to forget things when in person and prefer having time and space to reflect and return to your thoughts?  Are you are traveling or don’t have a private space in which to skype?

The soul has a different voice through the written word… if you’ve ever journaled / used a diary, you may have experienced this.  Writing enables you to go deep, explore dark corners and shadows, it allows a unique space for ideas and creativity to be born.  

Please note, you don’t need to be a ‘writer’ or ‘journaler’ to go with this option… you just need to say what you think and feel from a place of honesty.

What you can expect:

I meditate and tune into you & what you’ve written, then allow a free flowing response to come through… 

typically there is:

* guidance, insights, metaphors, often through the form of story…
* healing, advice, insight and beauty…
* plus exercises and ideas for you to explore such as energy work, meditations, journaling questions / prompts, creative projects.

My emails are unedited, grammar and spelling takes a back seat lol… this is because I’m in a meditative state and the words come through me and I allow them to flow…


Writing with Soul & Spirit

1 x email

3 x emails


  • Once purchased, send me an email with what’s going on for you, what you’d like me to tune into, or questions you have…
  • If you’ve purchased 3, I ask that they are used within 6 months.

Do you have questions you’d like to chat through before booking?

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the first time in 7 years that I have felt able to speak freely from my heart My session with you was the first time in the seven years I have lived in the UK, that I have felt able to speak freely from my heart. I am trying gather words to say how nice it was to meet you but as usual they fall short when you need them most… 
Anil H
You have added substantially to my faith in humanity I certainly took a leap of faith in making contact with you in the first place (well outside my comfort zone!) and what an enjoyable and worthwhile interlude my contact with you has been. I had no idea what to expect when we first met and I have come out of each session feeling refreshed and positive. I consider myself very fortunate to have stumbled on your website and now to have spent time with you. Thank you therefore for being so professional and yet so personal in your dealing with me. I have found the whole experience enriching and you have added substantially to my faith in humanity.
Andrew B
I chose to work with you because you are so approachable, have a gentle aura… are honest and always have a happy face. You have helped motivate and focus me to commit to a routine in my chaotic lifestyle. I’m thankful to your flexibility in adapting to my ever changing moods and always being sensitive to my pace and not pushing me beyond my limits. Since working together I have much more energy. Thank you!
I’ve just been reflecting on our session about the self critic and now I have a better understanding of how to control it, thanks to you and yesterday’s session. Also I am very curious about my spiritual capabilities and path. I definitely want to fit some more sessions, as I feel we are really starting to delve deeper under the surface to the real interesting and possibly life changing…
I thought I wanted a careers adviser then after chatting to a friend she thought it might not be so clean cut as just changing jobs/careers suggested I looked into Life Coaching. I chose Olivia as she came with a glowing recommendation from another friend. Olivia’s grounded and welcoming persona made it really easy to open up and she has helped me get my lust and passion for life back.  Her approach is very kind and considered in assisting reaching the desired outcome. With just a few chosen words she has made me look at my life in a very different and positive way and to which I am eternally grateful. I have returned to the enthusiastic person I used to be.   Olivia is a very inspiring woman and I have recommended her to several of my friends to have in turn had great experiences. 
Ceri J

helping you with

stress – overwhelm – confusion – sadness – anxiety – disconnected – trapped – pain – trauma – frustration – chronic physical pain – stuck – low energy – depressed – highly sensitive

moving you towards

clarity – hope – energy – freedom – purpose – happiness – flowing – awareness – connection – calm – comfort – gifts – peace – intuition – alive – trust – sensuality – love – joy – mindfulness – confidence – resilience