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how to use body intuition to find answers (that will work)

Following the tingles may sound daft – but it’s an awesomely simple trick for staying on your path, getting clear, doing what’s right for you, feeling buzzily creative, super inspired AND leads to successful satisfying endeavors.


What you’ll need.

Some lightness.

Errrrr what?

Yup  trust me – follow this little step by step plan and see for yourself!

The most simple way to create beautiful change – in your life – today

1 – Step back (from your CHAOS and ADMIN and CHORES!)

2 – get a cup of tea (I’m English)

3 – happily ponder (like winnie the pooh) over all the things your creating, have bubbling inside as ideas or are being invited to do / get involved in

4 – what feels light? Bubbly? Creates nice ooohie type sounds? Notice your immediate reaction – a smile, tilt to the head, leaning forwards or backwards, a ughh noise escaping from your mouth.  Most of all – what feels light!

5 – take an energetic step towards the light and bubbly options

6 – What tingles of ideas, inspiration or creativity do they whisper?

7 – they are in flow with you and you with them – so take another energetic step into this space and see where they take you today

An amazing friend and coach introduced me to this concept and its brilliant (Tash you’re awesome).

Want to hear my experience on this from yesterday?

Day began

I’m in a tizz.

Too many ideas and projects and I’m surgically attached to my laptop and tons of annoying emails and requests…

I get out a trusty old door (not actually kidding) shove it up on a ladder (again not kidding) and start to write all the stuff flying around my head.

Then I step back – with cup of tea – and let my eyes wonder…

As they land on a word or picture (I often draw ideas instead of using words) I see and feel my reaction.

When I lent forwards or smiled or felt light or ooooohie or yes I would put little dots around that word / picture.

When I lent to the side or went urghh or hmmm or frowned or felt heavy I crossed them out / rubbed them out etc

Leaving me feeling clear and inspired and focused about what’s important to me and where to spend my time.  I even felt inspired to go and cook and that VERY RARELY HAPPENS (que, very happy boyfriend when he returned home).

Bizarre consequence?

I’ve had tons of emails each day – nagging for instant attention – I did this exericse and guess what?  No emails came through yesterday.  Interesting huh!

Because when you’re in your zone and in flow….things work in your favour 😉

Try it out!  See what happens and Enjoy!

I’d love to know your experiences – drop a comment or an email.

Big love,

Liv xXx

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