• Short Stories & Poems

    The Girl, The Goat & The Mirror

    “Who Am I?” the girl said to the goat. “A rescuer” the goat replied. “What do you mean? Who do I rescue?” “Why yourself of course. Your soul. You’re rescuing your soul from the darkness within.” “Oh, she replied. I didn’t know I had it in me… to rescue myself that is… In fact I didn’t know I was so lost.” “None of you do.” the goat replied. Slowly munching on the grass. “It’s why we gave you all the…

  • Mind, Body & Spirit

    Why has your (very good) business hit a rut?

    This is a classic dilemma.  You have a business or project. The idea is great.  It feels great. You know it should be working. And yet it’s not. Something is stuck.  It’s not moving.  Cue the feeling of swimming against the stream, head banging against the wall and tumbles of hay drifting past as you watch with frustration.

  • Mind, Body & Spirit

    How to spot who’s sucking you dry (and who will add something to your life)

     “WHO pulled the wind out my sails?” Right then lovelies, if this phrase resonates read on – cos I’ve got a gem of an exercise that sorts it out. To over simplfy things, there are two categories that your daily interactions fall into: those that energise (whoop whoop!) and those that draaaaaaain If there’s too much drainage life can seriously begin to suck. So let’s sort that out. With a quick and simple to do exercise (always a selling point in my…