Explore your essence, free your authentic self & find your flow.

Life Coaching & Therapy is a journey, and it can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences to give yourself.



Sessions draws on your intuition and body wisdom to connect you with your true self - your essence.  Explore and heal what's holding you back from the life you want.  Unlock creativity, your spark for life and deep wisdom.  

Whatever your challenge: stress, anxiety, self-esteem, highly sensitive, trauma, transitions, medically unexplainable physical symptoms.   Coming back into your essence will restore balance, clarity and confidence.

Helping you go deeply into your own body process and explore your emotions, physical symptoms and mental blocks - to open up what is ready to be revealed or understood. 

The focus is your journey of self-awareness, insight, growth and healing.  Allowing you to access whatever is ready to happen... and if you can lean into and trust this process then something truly beautiful happens.  You'll come alive.

The approach is led purely by your process and what it wants to do, be and reveal to you.  By going with your process, you'll start from a place of acknowledgement and acceptance of what is, and from here you'll be led to discovering your own wisdom.

A note.

Whilst I work with symptoms arising in the body (such as chronic tension & pain) I am not a doctor or medical physician.  This work can bring relief and healing, however that is secondary to the primary purpose which is to seek awareness of what the symptom is asking you to be aware off. 

~ Session options

Face to Face:  Surbiton, Surrey, South West London KT6 7UB


 ~ Number of Sessions

Coaching & Therapy have an unknown timescale ranging from one to many sessions.  If you'd like to get a feel of what you'll need we can discuss this together at any point.  Ultimately their will be no pressure and it will be totally in your hands as to how many and how often you wish to have sessions.  

~ Pricing

£60, for 60mins

£80, for 90mins

flowing SAM_1580_cr_brighter

Are you ready to be completely truthful with yourself?

When you dive deeply into your core the rewards you will gain in your self, relationships and work will be huge.

All sessions are intuitive and tailored to you.

The approach combines Eastern and Western techniques - creating an effective way to access the unique part of you to make lasting changes for improved purpose and wellbeing.



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