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Essence Yoga

I encourage clients to listen to the internal voice of their body, believing that through movement we are able to experience a new found freedom and harmony that spreads beyond the body, into mind, spirit and even how you experience your environment.

Instead of asking you to conform and contort into an asana, I encourage self-informed choices so that you can explore your own uniqueness and let the asanas fit you. This leaves you with a healthy, respectful enjoyment of your body and a deeper understanding of its needs and limitations.

At the end of the class there'll be guided relaxation - enhancing your self-awareness and leaving you balanced and refreshed.


The style of yoga

I encourage a gentle, fluid and intuitive yoga that begins from deep within the body and works within the limits of each individual. My style could also be considered a feminine yoga practice.

What is feminine yoga?

I have written a full article on this, if it interests you can find out more through this link. In essence, it is my belief, that whether man or women, boy or girl, we all benefit from having both a masculine and feminine style of yoga to maintain a healthy yoga practice, just as we need both the masculine and feminine in all areas of our lives to remain balanced.

Who are the classes for?

Any level of yoga experience, including complete beginners. The classes have gentle movement and a focus on deep relaxation.

Inspired by

Yin Yoga, Scaravelli, Donna Farhi, Kundalini, Flow, Vinyassa, Somatic Movement


Are listed through my other website.


(there is a yoga class on Tuesday evening in Surbiton).


Private Classes / 1:1's

Essence Yoga - for all


Trauma Yoga

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