NOT your typical Yoga workshop

 this is one very fun yet profound mash up ...

expect music, writing, visualisations, intuitive yoga, general shimmying and rolling around the floor

- let go of self doubt
- re-ignite your free will
- feel alive & confident

join and embody the person you were born to be

Join Olivia in her signature workshop and embody the person you were born to be.  Guided into your intuition and body wisdom you'll investigate through movement, sensing, visualisation, written and vocal expression the key important questions that are holding you back from living the life you want.
What makes me come alive?
Who am I beneath the masks I wear? 
What is the pain in my body trying to tell me?
Questions like these and more will connect your mind body and spirit into the beautiful alignment they were designed to be for you... Restoring your powerful knowledge centres to how how they were Before life and circumstance started seperating them from working together in harmony. 
Bring your perfectly imperfect self and let this all be about you...
It's not about being flexible like a pretzel.  It's not about the yoga poses.  It's not about being saintly or buddha like.  
It’s about being perfectly imperfect.  It’s about letting go of self-doubt.  Its about re-instating your free will.  It's about hearing the important messages your body wants to tell you.  It's about finding your uniqueness.  It's about liberating the true you.
Expect to stretch, flow, write, dance and laugh. And probably lay around the floor a lot feeling oh so relaxed and relieved to have come home to you.
This workshop is about body wisdom and intuitive wisdom. Every one of you has these abilities... And when harnessed they transform your experience of life.  Giving you back your self belief, your authentic voice, your confidence to radiate your unique youness in your life, work and relationships.
Come join this groundbreaking workshop for women: Essence & Yoga Workshop
The freedom you seek is inside you. And your body holds a big fat key.

3hr workshop

(suitable for any level of yoga experience)

London venues


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