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If you're looking for mentoring on how to move from a life of mediocrity and frustration to one of freedom and 'general amazingness!'

...then you may have stumbled upon someone who can assist you with that gameplan.

I'll be bringing to the table 15+ years of investigating how on earth to make this shift, along with some of the tools I've learnt along the way (life coaching, theta healing, energy work, yoga, meditation).  
All my client work is sincere, loving and humorous.  
I work via skype, phone and email.     


If this appeals, then the next step is to get in touch.


Then, if you like my vibe we'll work together to get your life feeling purposeful, aligned and much much more incredible.  


Get living and have a blast - simple!
A little post script...
My website is being updated in the background, so I apologise for any out of date info, broken links, seemingly redundant services etc!!  However, happy browsing, as it serves well to give you a taste of who I am and what I've done.  I walk my talk ;-) and so am currently in Asia on the strict instruction of my intuitive guidance team...thus there are no workshops or classes in the UK for the time being.


I am in Asia, and so am not currently teaching any classes. xXx


Pregnancy Yoga

Classes currently taught by Michelle, please visit her website .....


Feel passionate about life, great about yourself, inspired, able to do what you wa

Yoga for Stress & Trauma

I am in Asia, and so am not currently teaching any classes. xXx


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My Mission

To help people go beyond their minds.

Great Quote

“Use what talents you possess, the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”-Henry van Dyke