If you've drifted down the 'wrong' path for long enough, you'll know that feeling of having lost who you are.  Making decisions can feel really hard as you don't know what you want and you can no longer hear your gut instinct.  You start doubting your abilities and your confidence begins to ebb away.  Life starts to feel mundane and you lack the energy to do things.   

helping individuals reconnect to the essence of who they are

"Your essence is the authentic core you were born with. No matter what has happened in your life, it is always there, waiting to be reconnected with."

for those seeking a life of meaning & purpose

When you come back to your essence you'll find your creativity reappears.  That sense of aliveness comes back to your body and mind.  You'll trust your intuition and feel confident about who you are and what you can offer.  You'll naturally start making changes that are more suited to your true self.  Feel grounded, balanced and whole in yourself.  I believe no one size fits all and my approach is to follow your unique process.

Sub-specialisations: Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Trauma

Coaching / Therapy


How to make an appointment?

I think it's important that this journey is with someone you feel comfortable with and who understands you.  To honour this I offer a 20 minute phone consultation free of charge.

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Courses & Workshops

I run various workshops & courses in Surbiton, SW London - focusing on self awareness, expanding your consciousness & embodying the spiritual essence of who you are.

All details can be found on my other website www.MindfulBodyMovement.co.uk

Courses - Next term starts Feb 2018

Thursday evenings
Letting Go & Cultivating Wholeness
Zen Dance

helping you with

stress  overwhelm confusion  sadness  anxiety  disconnected  trapped  pain  trauma  frustration  chronic physical pain  stuck  low energy  depressed  highly sensitive

moving towards

clarity  hope  energy  freedom  purpose  happiness  flowing  awareness  connection  calm  comfort  gifts  peace  intuition  alive  trust  sensuality  love  joy  mindfulness  confidence