Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness & Body Wisdom Classes

I specialise in supporting a healing process for people experiencing stress, anxiety, trauma & depression.

 My approach of mind, body & spirit therapy is to bring you back into balance with your authentic self.

What are Body Wisdom Classes?

Body Wisdom Classes are a unique self-knowledge and healing system I have developed over the last 10 years.  They draw upon my training in Somatic Movement Education, Yoga & Meditation, Trauma specific Yoga , Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing.  Designed specifically to heal and release past negative emotions and belief patterns that have become stuck in your physical body.  You'll develop your own internal compass so you  become self-dependent and resilient to the constant twists and turns that life presents.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful process that brings you into a relaxed state so you can access your subconscious, allowing deep healing and change for unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an ancient buddhist practice that is incredible for modern-day problems.  By focusing your awareness on the present moment (feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations) without judgement, it brings you increased self-awareness, clarity and acceptance.

Ever wonder why it's so hard to just be yourself and find your flow in life?

The good news is trusting & developing your natural gifts of intuition & body wisdom will bring you back into alignment with your authentic self. 

So you can... Know who you are.  Feel alive.  Create a meaningful life.  Live your purpose.

How can you start?

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, would like to book a session or join a class.

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what is oliviaworks about?

Creating lives that are aligned with your authentic self.

Truly knowing and believing - you are enough & you have valuable gifts.

Healing the blocks, pains and masks that prevent your authentic self from fully flowing.

Turning self-doubt into believing in your uniqueness.

Ditching being a perfectionist & embracing being perfectly imperfect.

Freeing the inner part of you that's locked down or trapped inside and screaming at times to be let out.

Delving into your shadow side to transform it.

Turning your PMS from a nightmare - into a looked forward to event.

Bringing you into your body, so you feel energised, alive and at home in it.

Accepting everything about who you are. No fear. No shame.

Because yes - even your moody, angry, weepy, depressed, bitchy, sarcastic, snappy... generally unenlightened side... is totally massively beautiful.

 This is the safe house to heal and explore the real you.


If any of these resonate, you'll probably enjoy my blog posts

You don't need to be told there's a deeper meaning to life - you came out of the womb knowing that..

You feel everything really deeply, which adds a richness to life - the rest of the time it's overwhelming.

You've invested so much time trying to understand who you are... yet still feel unclear... which is plain frustrating.

You've numbed out a part of you and want to feel alive again.

Part of you is screaming inside to 'be let out'!

You want to be on your path and have all your ducks in a row... but ummm it's not quite panning out.

Feeling stuck, trapped or confused is oh so familiar.

You're intuitive but people don't always get it, which makes you doubt it or shut it down.

You have a natural openness to spirituality.

You can easily lose your head in the clouds - it's much harder feeling grounded and connected to everyday life.

Your body sometimes feels like you're not in it, or it's so sensitive it's uncomfortable.

If one more person tells you to stop being so emotional or grow a thicker skin, you might punch them.

You know you should have enough zen and self-belief to be beyond the need of approval from others... but sometimes you just don't.